This package contains literally EVERYTHING that you need to optimize the mindset and communication strategies in your office.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use our products to create the ethically profitable practice that both you and your patients deserve.

This package is our best value as it offers absolutely all our videos, brochures, report of findings manual, office forms for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to buy each item individually.

Upon Purchase:
1. You will receive an email with some editable and some uneditable files.
2. You can take those files to any printer and they can print as many brochures for your office as you like.
3. This saves you all shipping costs now and in the future.



This online video series illustrates the exact Schübel Systems communication strategies that we practice in our many successful practices worldwide and which are taught in our hugely popular Schübel Vision Seminars.

Watch them over and over in the privacy of your own home until you too are a master.
The procedures illustrated in these DVD’s will give you the authority, confidence, mindset, and communication strategies that you need to build an ethically profitable practice.

This may very well be the greatest investment you ever make in your chiropractic career.
Learn why so many doctors from around the world are telling us:
“This is absolute gold!”

Upon Purchase:
1. You will receive an email with the video files.


Just got done watching some awesome Schübel Systems Videos with our new CA. After watching the Group Report of Findings, she turns to me and says: "I am so lucky to be working with you. I don't understand how anyone could say this is not true"!!!! Turned the light on in another one!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!

Mark Wade





1. Welcome to Your Chiropractic Office (English)
2. The First Consult (includes script - English)
3. The First Adjustment (includes script - English)
4. The Group Report (includes script - English)
5. The 3 Minute X-Ray Report (includes script - English)
6. The Plan Affiliation (includes script - English)
7. The Re-evaluation (includes script - English)
8. Bonus DVDs: (1) Welcome to your Chiropractic Office (Spanish) and (1) The Group Report (Spanish).



“Your system saved my life. I really feel that God and fate planned that we met. Every day I focus now on what I can do to save the lives of others through the power of chiropractic. Your advice and your system liberated this man from a self imposed mental prison of 32 years. I am now free!!! I am living in abundance and will continue to do so serving the world.”

Dr. Erik Waardenburg, DC





What do your Chiropractic posters say about you? Are they a hodge-podge collection from many different companies with no real continuity of design or congruency in message? Studies show that “branding” is extremely important to the success of any business. We have once again done all the homework for you with these powerful, vibrant, and professional series of Chiropractic posters that are a must in every successful Chiropractic practice. They promise to: deliver the message clearly, confirm your credibility, connect to your practice members emotionally, and motivate them to generate referrals. These posters are a must in any successful Schübel Systems office!



“That was the best hour of my life' and I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to you for coming to the AECC. I feel so privileged to have had you come and give us such an inspiring talk. Since experiencing this presentation my vision of chiropractic has been transformed; I have got this passion and desire like I never had. I just cannot wait to get out there now and fix the people of this planet!”

Dean Matthews.



  (available in English or Spanish)
1. Vertebral Subluxation
2. The Importance of the Chiropractic Adjustment
3. Arc of Life
4. How to Choose a Good Chiropractor
5. Dedication
6. Living to the Maximum
7. Chiropractic and Children



“Immediately after attending your seminar I saw more people than ever and as I said your brochures rock!!!. You got me so fired up I haven’t been sleeping. Love, Dr. David Serio”

Dr. David Serio, Buenos Aires, Argentina





(available in English or Spanish)
The perfect report of findings packet! This colorful fully illustrated report of findings manual is just what you need to send your practice members home on report night with all the information they need to choose you for their Chiropractic care. What could be better to generate referrals and establish you as the leader of true health care in your community? We know they work because we use them every day in our Schübel Systems offices around the world. Invest in these report of findings brochures today and watch your new practice member conversions reach levels that you never thought possible!



Liam Schübel has become one of our professions top philosophical and motivational speakers, hands down!
His excitement and passion for Chiropractic is unequaled... Liam is the real deal... 
No B.S. just pure, unadulterated TIC the way it was meant to be....  
Wait till you hear him, you'll NEVER feel the same about Chiropractic 
and will be inspired to change the world!! 
He is one of our favorite, most popular speakers at N.B.

Outlaw Jim Dubel, 
Founder New Beginnings Philosophy Weekends




(available in English or Spanish)
There are over 15 essential office forms included in this set. These professional designs and formats are used daily by successful Schübel Systems Chiropractic offices around the world.

• Daily Planner
• Subluxation Listings
• Subluxation Explanation
• Practice Member Referral Letter
• Practice Member Registration
• Intensive Care Plan
• Practice Member History
• Practice Member Travel Card
• Chiropractic Care Plan for Children
• X-Ray Order
• Practice Member Payment
• Call History
• Intensive Care Completion
• Practice Member Daily Sign In
• Referral Card
• Practice Member Testimony
• and many more Schübel Systems Forms, Letters, and Referral cards.



“I am really happy that I was there to listen to you. It was really inspiring and motivating. I also think that chiropractic is not an alternative to medicine, but it is the other way around and that we should be proud of it. and can't wait to finally go out there and treat people. Kind regards from Bournemouth.”





Inside you will find exclusive Schübel Systems designed flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, newsletters, electronic media and more. All advertising is in Spanish and utilized in actual Schübel Systems practices.
Spanish language Chiropractic advertising and marketing CD.
Dr. B.J. Palmer the developer of Chiropractic shared his secret of success with the world. “Early to bed early to rise work like hell and advertise!” We have taken this wisdom to heart and the result is the most comprehensive Spanish language advertising and marketing CD available in the world. No need to go out and hire an expensive graphic design artist who does not even understand what Chiropractic is about. No need to have your own promotional material poorly translated. Inside you will find exclusive Schübel Systems designed flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, newsletters, electronic media and more! Everything is included on this one CD and organized to coincide with the calendar year so that you can be ready to spread the Spanish Chiropractic message year round. Get the edge over every other Chiropractor in your community and let this CD go to work for you and your office today! Prepare to fill your office with the fastest growing demographic in the world.


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