Attending our seminars and using our products are experiences that empower, transform, and motivate people from all walks of life to find their purpose and reconnect with their passion for living. At Schübel Systems we provide the tools that allow people to express their innate capacities to the world through powerful and impactful communicative strategies.

“I am really happy that I was there to listen to you. It was really inspiring and motivating. I also think that chiropractic is not an alternative to medicine, but it is the other way around and that we should be proud of it. and can't wait to finally go out there and treat people. Kind regards from Bournemouth.”




“First of all I would just like to thank you again for such inspirational presentations!! I really can't wait to be a chiropractor!! Thank you so much for your time”

Leteisha Cornes




“After listening to your talks on the weekend at the Lyceum, I have never felt so invigorated and inspired about something! Unfortunately I wasn't able to talk to you personally on the weekend, you were a very busy man! I was just wondering if you would ever consider taking a graduated student under your wing? I am currently completing second year at Macquarie University in Sydney and after the weekend, have now decided to transfer to New Zealand. That's where the Chiropractic party is at. I have never heard such a passionate speaker and I am so lucky to have been able to hear you! Thank you for everything, honestly the weekend has been the biggest change and eye opener in my life to date! ”




“I would like to thank you for being such a motivation for me. You made me realize why I am here, and why it's all worth the time away from my family. Thanks again, you are an absolute credit to the profession.”

Sara Sharp


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday's talk at the AECC. Everybody who had the pleasure to attend was amazed and blown away by your story and mission. You do have the grace of God. Thanks again for enlightening us all.”

Jake Neil




“That was the best hour of my life' and I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to you for coming to the AECC. I feel so privileged to have had you come and give us such an inspiring talk. Since experiencing this presentation my vision of chiropractic has been transformed; I have got this passion and desire like I never had. I just cannot wait to get out there now and fix the people of this planet!”

Dean Matthews.




“Everyone that I talked to was blown away and inspired by your presentation. I wish that I could hear speakers like you every week.”

Thank you so much Dr. Schübel

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Andrew Schieber
Editor - Palmer Beacon




“I want to thank you for your inspiration at Lyceum in New Zealand. Thanks for reminding us all that chiropractic is not about us, but about the rest of the world and all the people who dont yet know about chiropractic. I look forward to visiting Peru in 2011, to see the amazing changes you have created in the lives of the people there.”

Mari Volkr




“Tthanks for the great weekend in Auckland.”

Paul Finn




“It was rally great to meet you and listen to you speak at Lyceum. What an excellent seminar. Your "Mission" in Peru is amazing and I am so stoked to see that there are other chiropractors on the planet who know who BJ is and continue to carry the torch. What a refreshing change from Medipractors. Keep up the great work. ”

Ray Henderson




“It was a privilege to meet and hear you speak at Lyceum this weekend. Your words have been very inspiring for me and many others I know. I am very excited about the opportunity to participate in TheBestMissionTripEver. I wish you all the best and hope to meet you again soon”

Laura Therese Harding




“it was inspiring to hear you talk at lyceum. thanks for coming”.

Kamalpreet Kaur




“It was awesome to hear you speak at the NZ Lyceum this year :) thanks for the inspiration!”

Devika Singh


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